About KP (New York) INC.
10678852_590718361038064_7172685571183108528_nSince the 1980’s, the Kwan family has been very successful in producing premium crocodile handbags with a team of skillful craftsmen in Singapore. They exported their products to Europe, Middle East and East Asia. Mr. Kwan M.W., who has been CEO of KWANPEN EAST ASIA, expanded the company’s portfolio to New York in 1995 and eventually registered as an American company known as KP (New York) INC., or KPNY in short, in 2002. Making use of their distinctive exotic leather know-how and expertise acquired over 60 years of hand-making classic crocodile handbags, KPNY specializes in products made from a variety of other exotic leathers offering a wide range of leather bags and accessories. KPNY collections are able to reach out to a niche market whose consumers have strong passion for genuine exotic leathers products. Today, KPNY products are marketed in the East Asia including Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong and Macau. Plans to enlarge the market to the major cities of Europe, the Middle East and China are in the pipeline.

Mr. Kwan M.W. is a Chartered Engineer by profession. He is also the GeneralSecretary of the Asian conservation and sustainable use group, an association ofacademics and traders committed to the working principles of United Nations CITES Washington Convention.

Passion for Exotic Leather

KPNY has great passion with all sorts of exotic leathers and treat them with strong enthusiasm.

The brand specializes in 6 major types of exotic leathers:

  • South American Caiman (Caiman Crocodilus Fuscus)
  • South African Ostrich (Ostrich Struthio Camelus)
  • Southeast Asia Python (Python Reticulatus)
  • Java Lizard (Lizard Varanus Salvator)
  • Hokaido Eel
  • Knitted Horse Hair

KPNY only uses premium quality materials in a socially responsible manner which is certified by UN CITES Washington Convention. These exotic leathers are strictly controlled, regulated and commercially available in limited supply. The strategy and guidelines of Conservation through Sustainable Utilization, endorsed by IUCN, are working principles of KPNY.

Design Inspiration & Core Values of KPNY

KPNY is a family business and the way they run it is filled with humanity, whether to product or their workers. Their core values are to respect the natural resources, sustainable development and making full utilization of the resources.

  • Respect life and the natural resources – the family believes each piece of leather is a unique individual and they are the craftsman to show the beautiful and best side of it. Every KPNY handbag is unique as every piece of leather used is different from the next. Just like our thumbprint, the natural pattern on each handbag helps easy identification.
  • Sustainability – KPNY is not about fashion trend, commercial product nor mass production. The brand does not follow seasons when it comes to product launch. The handbag comes with a certificate issued by Cites and the family will only source the leather from farm recognized by UN CITES Washing Convention.
  • Heritage – for both the craftsmanship and every handbag they produced. KPNY produces handbag of high quality as they wish the customer can pass it along to their next generation. Thus, even for the tinniest details of all attached metal fittings, they are all milled from solid brass or stainless steel that should last forever.

Highlights of KPNY products:

  • Very stringent selection of exotic material, normally in Grade 1 with minimal defects
  • Tanning skill with fine finishing, especially on bright and vibrant colour
  • Hand-Stitching with German technology
  • Inner lining with top grade lamb leathers for most products
  • Metal components are either stainless steel or solid brass

Say Hello To The KPNY Marketing Team

Angel Ko | angel@kpnyinc.com | +852 9529 7394

擁有多年手工製造鱷魚皮革包經驗的KPNY向以設計和生產高難度的鮮艷顏色的皮革 產品聞名於時裝世界,適合各類不同的派對和場合。KPNY從一線國際品牌沿用的皮革 廠中,精選多元種類的珍稀皮革,製作成一系列尊貴的時尚手袋和配飾,成為業界龍頭 之一。

有關 KP (New York) INC.

早於八十年代,關氏家族憑藉純熟的工藝人手,在星加坡成功生產高級鱷魚皮手袋,出 口到歐美、中東和東南亞地區,深受當地人歡迎。在1995年,總裁Mr. Kwan M.W.決 定擴展業務,並在美國紐約正式註冊為KP (New York) INC.,KPNY相繼於2002年成 立。透過對稀有獨特的皮革瞭若指掌的知識,以及擁有超過六十年手製鱷魚皮手袋的傳 統經驗,KPNY 所提供的矜貴皮具種類更多更廣,不僅是經典款式,還是創新設計,均
能滿足鍾愛珍稀皮具的小眾客人。及至現在,KPNY的產品銷售點已涵蓋多個東南亞地 區包括韓國、泰國、香港和澳門。品牌也正計劃拓展業務至歐洲主要城市、中東和中國。

Mr. Kwan M.W.本身是一個執業工程師,也是The Asian Conservation and Sustainable Use Group的總書記,該組織的工作原則與美國華盛頓《瀕臨絕種野生動植物國際貿易 公約》(United Nations CITES Washington Convention)一致,透過對野生動植物出口 與進口限制,確保野生動植物的國際交易行為不會危害到物種本身的延續。



  • 南美凱門鱷魚 (Caiman Crocodilus Fuscus)
  • 南非鴕鳥(Ostrich Struthio Camelus)
  • 東南亞網紋蟒(Python Reticulatus)
  • 巨蜥(Lizard Varanus Salvator)
  • 北海道鰻魚
  •  針織馬毛

KPNY所採用最高質素的皮革,同時全部均由世界自然保護聯盟(IUCN)簽訂的《瀕 臨絕種野生動植物國際貿易公約》(United Nations CITES Washington Convention)認 可。這些珍稀的皮革都是經過嚴格控制、規管和有限度地供應。聯盟所認可的政策和指 引正是KPNY的工作原則。


KPNY是一個家族生意,無論對產品或員工,均以人性化模式運作。他們的核心價值是 要尊重天然資源,讓資源可以持續地發展,以及物盡其用。

  • 尊重生命和天然資源:家族相信每塊皮革都是獨特而珍貴的個體。作為工匠應該利 用精湛的工藝展示出皮革最好和美麗的一面以達到”respect”的精髓。是以每個 KPNY手袋的天然紋理均像指紋一樣,是獨一無二的。
  • 可持續地發展:品牌的皮具不只是時裝潮流或是大量生產的商品,不會盲目地追趕 季節和潮流而生產。每個手袋都有備有附合《瀕臨絕種野生動植物國際貿易公約》 所認證的證書 ,證明手袋所用的皮革都是世界自然保護聯盟認可,確保野生動植 物的國際交易行為不會危害到物種本身的延續。
  • 超越時代的人文價值:手袋本身和背後的精湛工藝都具有深遠的人文價值。KPNY 相信經典是歷久彌新,期望客人可以將如此高質素的手袋傳承至下一代。因此,即 使最微小的細節如金屬的接合處,也經過黃銅或不鏽鋼的打磨,可以永久保存。

KPNY 產品的精要之處

  • 所有皮革物料均經過嚴格挑選,由世界自然保護聯盟(IUCN)認可,一般採用最 高級別的質量,只有極少損耗
  • 追求仔細的製革技術,專注高難度的鮮明奪目的顏色
  • 結合德國高端科技和傳統人手縫紉技術
  • 大部分產品的內籠均用上最高級的羊皮
  • 金屬配件都是由黃銅或不鏽鋼打磨而成,可以永久保存。




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